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We specialize in manufacturing external and internal doors based on our own projects and specific orders suggested by the Customers. As regards the production  we use carefully selected types of wood from Poland, including pine, oak, ash and exotic types of wood, including meratnia, mahogany, ocumus, merbau, teak and many other types. The range of our products includes wooden shutters, floors, terrace boards, wooden window sills, finishing baseboards. What is more, we offer a wide selection of decorative elements (such as stained glass) and decorative windows. We are up to date as regards the latest trends and market fads. We cooperate with architects and interior designers – for that reason the products we provide meet the requirements of the contemporary design. In our opinion it is the passion supported by knowledge and many years of experience as well as the aforementioned respect for the material constitute  the grounds for craft representing the highest qualitative and aesthetic qualities.

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Home filled with the fragrance of resin and forest, warm and safe interiors ... thanks to Producent Stolarki Drewnianej KRZEMOWSKI Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe Krzemowski Sebastian your home  can acquire a unique character. We provide a wide selection of wooden exterior doors, interior doors, shutters, furniture as well as numerous wooden finishing and interior design elements. Our products meet the highest quality standards and solutions we propose meet modern requirements both as regards the aesthetics and design.

We are able to deliver unique, hand-made products, performed in accordance to the individual preferences of our Customers thanks to production methods we have developed, precise selection of suppliers, many years of experience and expert knowledge.

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Producent Stolarki Drewnianej KRZEMOWSKI Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe Krzemowski Sebastian is a specialist as regards professional wooden products. This company combines the passion for craft with appreciation of contemporary design. Our wide range of products includes high-class external doors, internal doors, shutters, window sills, wooden furniture as well as wooden finishing and interior design elements. The unique and individual character of the orders resulted in the fact that the company has been recognized both on the domestic and international market.

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